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Welcome to AHED

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Dear AHED Members,

We look forward each day to have the opportunity to partner with an outstanding group of professionals. To provide a clear road map and framework for success under the new leadership, AHED will be committed to the following key areas of focus in the coming years:

  • Increase Member Value. Each program we offer this year will have significant built-in membership benefit. Our goal will be to give each member, concrete reasons to join us or to renew your membership, and even more important — reasons to recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

  • Promote Education. AHED will continue our commitment to helping all children develop their intellectual capacity, academic skills, and social competence so that they will be prepared to effectively negotiate the demands associated with living in an ever-changing 21st century. Beyond the rigors of their academic program, it is our aim to instill within each student the essential principles of pride, respect, and responsibility so that they will become productive and contributing members of our increasingly global society.

  • Partnership. AHED will strategically partner with M-DCPS administrators, teachers, students, families and community stakeholders to inspire and motivate others to work collaboratively to improve student outcomes.

  • Have Fun and Enjoy Being A Member. It’s so important to a culture that we are going to make it an official rule this year — if we are not having fun, we’re simply not doing it. After all, we are educators.  For years we’ve had this reputation, and AHED is going to reinforce this theme across everything we do from parents’ conference such as Anbyans Kreyòl to our Holiday Mixer in December.


I am honored to lead and work with such an amazing team. But nothing we do would be possible without a strong community of people passionate enough to volunteer their time to this effort—people who volunteer to speak at events, offer up their spaces for us to use, and serve on committees.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to improve AHED.

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Looking forward to a successful and productive year!

Yverose Placide, President Association of Haitian Educators of Dade. Inc


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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